An in-depth exploration of the fascinating world of creation science. Fulfill a high school non-lab science credit with a unique mixture of videos, readings, research, and Bible study from a Christian worldview.

Created by the Director & Writer of

This video series explains the science behind Genesis and introduces the scientists and scholars who are building the modern Creation-Flood model.

Subjects covered include the following:

and much more—all presented from a Biblical worldview.

What the Class Includes:

Dozens of Papers, Articles, and Books

Quizzes and Research Projects

Nearly 100 Videos by scientists and scholars

What Families Are Saying

“We loved this. The explanations were thorough, scientific and made sense. liked that some words popped up on the screen to use as vocabulary words. This was one of my favorites so far.”


“We watched the videos and discussed. It was helpful for all my children to see the flaws in evolutionary theory and build up their faith in God’s Word.”


About the Instructor

Thomas Purifoy

A creative filmmaker who develops unique learning resources intended to advance the Kingdom of God. Thomas helped develop a classical-based curriculum, and taught philosophy, Old Testament, film and history at the American School of Lyon, France. Thomas studied English at Vanderbilt University and is a former Officer in the US Navy. He currently oversees Compass Classroom and Compass Cinema.

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This high-school level science course includes a unique mixture of videos, essays, lectures, technical articles, and research projects. Get started today!

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