How Should We Then Live
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How Should We Then Live? | Worldview Course

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Dr. Francis Schaeffer traces the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. Learn how to apply a Christian worldview from a seminal voice in the evangelical church.

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This is the apologetics and intellectual history series every young Christian should understand.

Francis Schaeffer is perhaps the most influential Christian thinker in the last 100 years and in this book and video series he clearly explains the basics of worldview thinking.  Filmed at over 100 locations in eight countries, it is a spectacular presentation of the flow of history, ideas, and cultural analysis from a Christian perspective.

The fact that the series is nearly 50 years old makes it even more valuable: many of his predictions have come true with startling accuracy. This lends great credibility to his Biblical and cultural insight. The series works best by using the videos and book together. (You will need to buy the book separately.) For those wanting to take this class as a half credit in history/philosophy, we have added in additional learning materials including quizzes, research topics, original sources, and essay questions.

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About 26 minutes


Dr. Francis Schaeffer




5hrs 22mins

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  1. The Roman Age
  2. The Middle Ages
  3. The Renaissance
  4. The Reformation
  5. The Revolutionary Age
  6. The Scientific Age
  7. The Age of Non-reason
  8. The Age of Fragmentation
  9. The Age of Personal Peace & Affluence
  10. Final Choices

Two-segment interview with Francis & Edith Schaeffer:

  1. Living with Suffering & Sickness
  2. God’s Leading in L’Abri & Our Lives

Each lesson includes the following supplemental steps in our Learning Management System:

  • Watch Episode
  • Read Chapter
  • Quiz on the chapter/video
  • Research Topics
  • Outline of Lesson
  • Essay Questions

Sample Lesson

Here is a sample of Lesson 6: The Scientific Age

5 reviews for How Should We Then Live? | Worldview Course

  1. Lacey A

    I actually watched the series on Amazon before I knew it was available on Compass Classroom, but I plan on using it with my kids as they get into high school for a worldview class.

  2. Nicole J

    I really enjoyed these videos for myself as a mother. I wasn’t using the whole course for a student as my children are too young for it, but I see a lot of value in it for older students.

  3. Michelle S

    I have used this through our Classical Conversations campus but not through Compass Classroom. I would recommend your course to those wanting to include this text/video series in their curriculum.

  4. Angela H (verified owner)

    We loved it!

  5. Sherri E

    Fascinating, I think this class is for older students, (my student, 7th grade) but we are studying Latin and Roman/Greek Myth so I like that this is another resource for us to discuss the relation of past and present events that shape our current day perceptions.

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