Devotional Biology Lab Materials

Devotional Biology Lab Materials

All the lab materials needed for Devotional Biology.  Available with or without microscope.  These ship separately from the rest of your order from Cornerstone Educational Supply. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Due to supply costs, this product does not qualify for any discount coupon codes or sales


We’ve asked our friends at Cornerstone Educational Supply to provide us with the materials needed to complete the Devotional Biology lab activities. They’ve put together a quality lab kit at a great price. Due to supply costs, this product does not qualify for any discount coupon codes or sales. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Note for International Customers: Additional shipping charges may be required.  Contact us for a quote if you are located outside the US.  Also, please be aware that you will be responsible for any customs charges in your country.

Included Contents:

  • Compound biological microscope with 40-400X magnification featuring:
      • All-metal body construction
      • Monocular head with ergonomic 45° incline, 10X Wide-field ocular lens and 360° rotation
      • Triple-revolving nosepiece featuring achromatic 4X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses
      • Dual-layer mechanical stage and clip for precise slide movements
      • Abbe condenser (0.65 N.A.) for better contrast adjustment
      • Transmitted light from a variable-intensity LED
      • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with safety stop
      • Power via plug-in adapter or by 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • 64 1-cm cubes
  • DNA Model Kit
  • Magnetic Chromosome Simulation Kit
  • 500-gram digital pocket balance with ±0.1 g sensitivity
  • 1 single-hole paper punch
  • 1 forceps/tweezers
  • 1 wax marking pencil
  • 1 transparent 15 cm vinyl ruler
  • 2 pre-moistened sheets of lens paper
  • 3 2”x3” zip-close bags
  • 4 1-oz. plastic cups
  • 6 9-oz. short plastic cups
  • 3 disposable, plastic, needle-point pipets


  • 1 50 mL beaker
  • 1 250 mL beaker
  • 1 10 mL syringe with plunger
  • 1 10 mL graduated cylinder
  • 1 50 mL graduated cylinder
  • 1 glass stir rod
  • 6 glass test tubes
  • 1 test tube rack
  • 1 test tube cleaning brush
  • Partial-immersion alcohol thermometer (-10 to 110°C)

Microscope slides:

  • 2 microscope slides and 2 cover slips
  • Boxed set of 12 Prepared Microscope Slides
      • Letter ‘e’
      • Colored Threads
      • Paramecium caudatum
      • Elodea Leaf
      • Amoeba proteus, w.m.
      • Spirogyra
      • Fish Mitosis
      • Onion Mitosis
      • Root Hairs
      • Corn Stem
      • Privet Leaf
      • Dicot Leaf Epidermis


  • 1 gm baking soda
  • 1 gm corn starch
  • 10 mL Methylene Blue
  • 10 mL 2% IKI Indicator (Lugol’s Solution)

Note on time required for labs:

All the laboratory exercises that would conventionally be done in a school laboratory are designed to be done by the students in less than 2 hours. The set up for some of them might add some time and some might need to be designed making efficient use of the time (but that is for the person putting the lab together, not the students. The labs that might take longer for the students (such as designing an identification key for plants at a nursery or designing a biogeochemical cycle presentation) should take less than 2 hours in ‘the lab’ (e.g., at the nursery or collecting research data), but might require some additional time on the part of the students outside of lab (or, in the worst case scenario, more than one trip to the nursery). There should be no problem arranging for the longest labs to be done over more than one lab period. In short, 1-2 hours should be adequate for the labs in this course.

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